March 24 - March 31, 2018


March 24 - 31st, 2018


Kentucky Alabama Tennessee Arkansas Mississippi Louisiana


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13 Colleges & Universities

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Join the No EXcuses College Tours & Programs as we will visit the country's premier private and public colleges and universities. Scholarships and fundraising opportunities are available. Each package includes day and night hotel accommodations, charter bus transportation, daily breakfast, 1 to 10 chaperon ratio, and nighttime security. College visits will include meetings with college admissions officials and educators.

Our Purpose

Please take a few minutes to read the bio of our founder and learn about the inspiration and vision that NEX College Tours has for educating the minds of people everywhere.

Founders Biography

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The Western Swagg College Tours

Each of the 13 colleges and universities selected for Western Swagg College Tour are uniquely amazing in their own right. They are dedicated to the honor of the women that pioneered and founded the Black College Tour Programs for decades. All of these highly acclaimed and accredited institutions boast some of the best higher education possibilities in the nation.

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NOTE: Registration deposits are NON REFUNDABLE! Installment payments are only refundable if cancelled 30 DAYS PRIOR to tour events. All payments must be received in full by July 4th, 2016 for the Ohio Tour.

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